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Boyd, Danah -- PhD student at Berkely who focuses on new digital media culture


Burgess, Jean -- postdoc in Australia, studies new media cultural studies -- "vernacular creativity" -- interview w/Jenkins on VC --

                         (propagating media)  ...on "distributed online presence"


Hicks, Troy -- Digital Writing, Digital Teaching


Jacobs, Walt -- Planet Walt --Chair of African American & African Studies at the University of Minnesota


Jenkins, Henry -- Director of Media Comparitive studies at MIT


Kennedy, Krista -- PhD student in Rhetoric at UofMN


Mueller, Derek -- PhD student in Rhetoric at Syracuse


Raimist, Rachel -- PhD student in Gender Studies at UofMN and film maker -- Rachel Raimist home page --


Thomas, Angela -- Professor of English Ed in Australia, studies digital cultures (second life, facebook, YouTube)


Vasudevan, Lalitha -- Assistant Professor at Columbia University. Lalitha's blog


Wesch, Micheal -- Anthropologist at Kansas Univiersity -- His YouTube Channel, Digital Ethnography @ Kansas -- select videos:

                            Students Today -- The Machine is U/sing Us -- An Anthropological Introduction to YouTube --





Eli Jacobs-Fantauzzi's Website  -- "Clenched Fist Productions" --


dooce -- she makes a living blogging (you can see the ads)


Mike Borka's Blog --


Anne Schwalbe's blog --


Eduholic --


Caffeinated Love --


Guitarfromaldi--kati --


QueenMab's Contemplations --


PostSecret -- persons receives 10,000 postcards a year that reveal personal secrets. He weekly posts the most interesting.


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