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Digital Archives

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Apple Picking  -- event piece with layers of music, voice, still & video (found at Vidlicious) --


The Guitar Repairman by Travis Heying -- documentary style person piece. (see more like this at inmsumn YouTube channel)


LYFE-IN-RHYME -- social commentary piece with music, words & still images (from D.U.S.T.Y) (more of Relixstylz's videos)



Nice White Lady -- from MADtv parody of Freedom Writers


Transistor Radio -- sketch animation video by Cloud Cult


Dream Mural Project -- Series of still shots and sound, found at TeacherTube --


English Downfall -- Hitler remix


"Scary" Mary Poppins -- a remixed take of Mary Poppins presenting a darker tale


Not Other Men -- personal narrative featured at LGBT Digital Quilt --


Grand Canyons -- from storycircles (part of Center for Digital Storytelling)





Other digital stories/narratives/compositions:


Living Memories --- a collection of memoir pieces from BernaJean Porter's site DigiTales --


StoryCorps -- celebrating lives through listening



MultiGenre Writing (resources for teaching)-- 


Candance's blog entry with links to Multigenre related resources --


Sherri Larson's MultiGenre Webpage featured at MCTE 2008--

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