Food Sign-Up for Last Class

Name            What will you bring?


Jessie                              hummus and pita

Kate                                Chocolate chip cookies

Erin                                 Veggies and such

Emily                              Some sort of baked something.  Cupcakes, maybe? 

Rick                                Chips.  (BTW, what kind of chips y'all want?)

Abi                                  Some sort of chip dip. (Rick if you bring tortilla chips, I'll bring salsa)

Rebecca                           Beverages and cups (maybe someone else should bring drinks too though...)

Jen                                   I'm thinking cheese and crackers

Joe                                   An issue of Redbook, Phish Food ice cream

Kristin                             brownies (they might be from a box, sorry)

Patrick                              meat and cheese tray maybe...


Sam                                Kind of a late notice, but I will bring Jambalaya that includes the following:

                                        Tofu pan-seared with pesto, red and yellow onions, garlic, fresh mushrooms,

                                         baby bok choy, hard-boiled eggs, a little bit of refried black beans, and sour

                                         cream.  Bam!  Beat that!  Just kidding..






Matt                                 Additional beverages of some sort.

Jay                                  Some store-bought cookies